How TO Be A

Radio Jockey

There is no shortcut to becoming a renowned radio jockey. You must have the skills since it's a career where your incompetency is easily seen in your service delivery.

You can’t hide among the rest of the radio professionals.

Therefore, some of the easy steps to becoming a professional and smart radio jockey include:

  1. Get the required certificates, whether it’s a certificate or a diploma, or an undergraduate. The higher the education, the better the skills to go deep into content in the industry to widen your opportunities.
  2. Get an internship position for assessment to be sure it’s something you can do as part of the certification program.
  3. Be on air to prove your skills.
  4. Engage yourself in a small radio station to through you into the job market and help you hone your jockeying skills for better opportunities.

Tips to become a good radio jockey.

This is a delicate and sensitive career that requires a role model to hold your hand to its success.

Here are a few tips you need to arm yourself with to reach your career goals

Be Creative

Hosting a radio show has no formula like in maths and science subjects. Every day comes with its shares of challenges that your innovation skills become your savior. Your approach issues without taking a stand but engaging the audience to speak their mind is one way of exercising creativity while on air.

Maintain a high level of focus

What is it that you want to go and speak about? What do they know you about? If they can't describe you in a few words, then your approach to issues is questionable. Have a stand and stick by it; as much as you also accept criticism, it helps keep you focused on your approach.

Broaden your knowledge in current affairs

Be aware of what happens around you. People trust you with information. Therefore, you need to be factual and well versed with current affairs, general issues, and information relevant to your target audience.

Sharpen your oratory skills

You need to be clear and fluent in your speech. You can't afford to gamble with your words before an audience. Remember, you have the elites, the middle-income earners, and the ordinary citizens. Don't just talk but communicate. Have the right command of language. Pronounce them as they should without a change in accent.

Be confident

You need to take full control of your audience, and that is only possible when you have confidence in your speech, language, and how will you carry out yourself. You can't hide behind the microphones; how will you interact with your fans off the air? How will you get in touch with what is happening in the ground?

Be quick to adapt

As part of creativity, you should be flexible to adapt to the environment. While on air, there is breaking news that you have to inform your audience and stick to it to the end. An excellent way to adapt is to have full control of yourself and stay calm. A radio jockey is not a career for anyone; you need passion and confidence to do it with ease.